Waking up in Polomolok

I can never seem to cease obsessing about the mornings of this humble municipality in South Cotabato.

It always starts the same: the moment I flutter my eyes open, I am immediately brought into a state of unknown elation. Unknown, because I can’t seem to pinpoint where this feeling is coming from. Elated, because in spite of the turbulence I may be going through, I still cannot help but feel tranquil, peaceful, thankful and hopeful. Everyday really is a new day here in Polomolok.

One may attribute it to my apartment’s location. I live in one of the company staff houses; two floors, a decent kitchen and dining area, old-tiled yet fully functioning bathroom, wooden fixtures, two bedrooms with mine situated at the back. I live with a girl from Marbel and she’s one hell of a cook–I am basically the guinea pig of some of her creations. But anyway, in front of our house is a decent lawn big enough to build another set of apartments. In our backyard, which is my view, is a family compound. But since we’re on the second floor, the window gives me a rich view of trees. Never mind the traditional sounds coming from a traditional Filipino home, there’s too much greenery to absorb my neighbor’s scolding of her children.

Then, there are the birds. As far as I can remember, my grandmother was still alive when I last witnessed an orchestra of bird-chirping. Today, I hear them every time I wake up and I cannot be more pleased with such melody. And before I forget, there’s the invaluable silence. It’s not like this place is deserted, behind my apartment is an army of houses, schools and apartments and across from us are a bunch of offices and the pineapple processing plant; yes, where the pineapple you use for salads or upside down cakes are being made. And yet, this place is so silent or rather subtle, that a Buddhist monk would approve.

Ooh, while I’m writing this a few birds came to sit by my windowsill! It’s a bit surreal from where I came from. I mean, Davao City isn’t Manhattan but like most developing cities, the commercialization of our area is pretty darn fast. I heard the building beside our home is going to turn into a call center and then the last time I went home, I saw the houses behind ours are being renovated into commercial spaces–there goes those damned Davao City birds!


This is just one of the things that I can’t help but feel surprised at. Mornings are the same whenever I go, but I guess this is what this place does to you or maybe this is just me. But for the past six months I’ve been living here, I have come to appreciate the simple things more. Not only that, I also realized that one doesn’t need a lot of things in order to live. Hey, I’m not going to lie, I still want Morocco and Paris, the cottage from the movie The Holiday, designer shoes and bags; but my point is that, those are just the perks I can give myself after working hard, but in terms of going through everyday living, one doesn’t need much really–one of which, I think, is waking up feeling that today is going to be a good day.

By the way, I’m only 23… so to the any adults who get to read this, I won’t apologize for my naive idealism. To those my age or younger, OMG you guys, this is totes true, stop blabbing about the new iPhone, I mean, do you really need it?

And with that, please excuse as I take advantage of this beautiful morning with some Anna Wintour (The September Issue documentary!).


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