Eyes to the ceiling: Meet my friend Irene

She was going to leave Davao City in less than 24 hours when the thought of giving a parting gift/remembrance crossed my mind. We had dinner over at their house when I told her that since I was not able to prepare something for her to bring to Nihon, I would just blog about her instead.

And like most promises I made to her (i.e., lose weight (2010), buy her a copy of Eat, Pray, Love, (2010) lose weight  (2011), lend her my The Graduate (1967) VCD (2011), get an Australian boyfriend someday (2012), lose weight (2012-2013)–I have broken a most of them. And whenever she would demand of her long-overdue article, I would tell her, in my most moody, sensitive and artistic tone–to just wait.

Aside from dealing with my lazy ass, I actually had no idea how to write about her without sounding like we’re former lesbian lovers who broke up because we fell in love with the same guy who happened to be gay (Fred? Matt Bomer?)! Gah. I simply had no idea… until I went to Barrio Bistro last night to order some pizza.

So here it is, baby. One year and five months in the making… I give you a brief look into my existence before, during and after (after???) our friendship. Hope you enjoy mwahuugzzzzzzzz

1. Pre-Irene: 

There was one brief dark-cloud moment in my life which caused me to somewhat shun myself from my social circle. I became recluse and  buried myself in book after book. This went on for almost a year, I think, if it weren’t for the persisting efforts of my childhood best friends to “bring me back to life”. That period eventually passed and I looked at my surroundings in a better light… but some things weren’t the same after that. I still had fun but only with my good friends. I guess I became severely careful with my actions.

2. Enter the Crazy Bitch

It’s hard not to notice Irene. I remember first seeing her in my college Biology class, she was not from our block but I heard we were taking the same course. I then identified her as the girl who dressed nicely, later I appreciated her for not being a snob. Much later, I noticed she was the funniest and had so much enthusiasm for life! Her positive spirit was contagious!

Eventually our group of friends got together and we started hanging out. I’d like to believe it was our common love for old songs, classic films and good food that first bound us–okay, and our knack of making fun of incredibly hot guys. We were opposites in all almost everything but we hit it off. For the first time since that “dark cloud” moment, I felt how amazing it was to just let go and just be…free. Don’t think about what other people will say; life is short; love big, love all; love yourself; love the haters; #YOLO before it became a ridiculous trend that is today; buy that expensive bag because you deserve it; eat and eat some more; diet; explore; laugh; do things; go to places; live. Anything can happen when you’re with Irene but when things take a different turn, you’d be amazed at how you can just shrug, take a deep breath and mutter, c’est la vie.

But I don’t want to give the impression that she’s only my friend for the good parts. Irene is a beautiful lady and has had quite a number of accomplishments–but some people are not so appreciative. And she may not know it but I do feel protective of her. Protective in a sense that I really get mad whenever people say something not so nice about her. I don’t fucking care about their opinions, I’m just angry because she doesn’t deserve it.

Anyway.. she is the kind of friend that makes we want to have kids and grand kids so that one day, when I’m all wrinkled like a dry prune… I would be able to tell them stories of my shenanigans and escapades. (I’m saying this figuratively okay, still not into kids…just the extent of how our friendship means #choz)

But I guess the best thing about being friends with Irene is that, at least in my experience, she makes you want to feel better about yourself. She’s appreciative and encouraging but honest at the same time. And for someone like me who’s neurotic at times, her enthusiasm and optimism still surprises me. I don’t know where she gets it, it worries me because as far as facing the shitty tendencies of life, Irene has–so far–the strongest facial muscles to put a smile on all of it.

3. Now

And now you’re in Japan and I’m here in South Cotabato and we’re looking at the same different sky. And tonight we try to put into words our reaction after seeing a clip from Magic Mike (2012) but you prefer Channing and I prefer Matt but that’s how we roll. Today, my homesickness got really bad but you waved it off with the word ugahip and not to mention the chubby cats you always send in.

A million miles away and only the internet to connect us… but still, never a dull moment with you Irene. Never a dull moment.




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