It’s Raining and I Don’t Want to Work Yet, So…

We at the tropics have been experiencing an unusually long downpour lately. Not only does this prolonged drenching slightly convinces me that selling puffy coats in this side of the globe is not that ridiculous after all, but it also gives us an excuse to sleep a bit longer, arrive to work late and feign flu in order to take a day off (just kidding).

But I think the best thing about the rain is that you get to fully enjoy and/or benefit from certain things and activities that at 37 degrees wouldn’t allow you to.

A good case in point is hot chocolate. You would not be able to totally, completely, “earth-shattering-ly” get full satisfaction from sipping the Ambrosia from the Hood if it was hot outside, would you? The cold weather actually makes the drink warmer and creamier. Know I can feel my taste buds begging.

And just like hot chocolate, there are certain songs that, in my opinion, are best heard when it’s raining. These songs just blend in with the weather so much that one just becomes more tolerable with the negatrons of rain (i.e., mud, paucity of cabs, third serving of lugaw, etc.). So, while I’m still building  motivation to finish my reports,  please allow me to share with you two of my most favorite rain-appropriate tunes:

1. John Mayer – “Neon”


2. Maroon 5 – “Sunday Morning”


But of course while it’s not actually my favorite rain-song, let’s never forget to play some good old Snoop Dogg when it drizzles. Get it. Get it.


Fo shizzle.

Enjoy your hot chocolate!


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