Now where was I?

It was bound to happen.

My absence, my silence and delays are nothing but purely temporary. In fact, I already presumed that this would be the first of its many kind. But just because I was not able to write for a week doesn’t mean that I won’t follow through. I knew from the very moment I committed myself to this Project 365, I would face major chronological coupled with biological setbacks, doesn’t mean I would leave it hanging. I started January 1, I shall end December 31, 2012.

And why is my word construction of choice look like I came from a post-World War II European novel? Okay I will now stop with my psuedo-intellectual quotations before the bad asses of literature break my virtual neck.

But in all honesty, I am feel bad for not being able to catch up on my writing for the past week. My work has really gotten way out of hand but not in the drug addiction kind of sense–more like hey, I can still spare five minutes to do some Jumbo Word Search while I nibble my pita bread but I basically eat, sleep and breath work for the past week. You see, my current workload has finally reached the ridiculous level as far as human capacity workload is concerned. I’m not complaining, in fact, I can actually that I’m enjoying the pressure but it does bum it out that I can no longer spare some energy for blogging on a daily basis.

While my hands were not able to do some typing, my mind has not ceased to think about my daily “must-write insights”. Before I began the project, I went through some blogs that gave tips on the Project 365, one writer suggested that you shouldn’t let posts go “unposted” for two days but in my case, I decided to give my self a “one week tops” deadline.

So what I’ll do now is post my highlights of the week. With photos of course.

PS. I might have to break my rule about having to take photos on the exact same day. I know, I hate it when I have to bend the rules I made for myself but… I already ate rice for lunch and dinner today so having to use late photos wouldn’t really matter anymore. Gah!


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