Day 10: The little things…

Day 10: The little things...

I am writing from January 13 but I took this photo at around 10PM of January 10, the day before all my workload spiraled out of control. I plan to cram all four blogging backlogs tonight because I owe it to myself.

There’s nothing really much I could remember except for being tired and venting my exhaustion through food that night but I don’t want to tire you anymore by my food/work rants. Let’s just say I’m going through a phase. Quintessential, I know. But I really am exploring my attitude towards food and so far this is what I learned: if I crave something, like rice, I should give in even once because if I ignore the craving for too long, I am bound to go mental once I give in. Really mental.

But like I said enough about that.

I was having a break from homework and decided to play with the DSLR and Photoshop. I wanted to take a photo of the things that made me feel good on that very moment. I didn’t even have the time to think because it was already there, piled right beside my laptop. The little things that made feel at ease, the little things that calmed my senses, the little things that kept sanity levels alarm-free.

A book (Looking for Alaska by John Green), Chinese Green Tea and a Granola Bar–and I’m done. After a long day of standing up, sitting down, talking, listening, writing and reading. I just want to find a silent spot at home and get lost in Literaryland. I used to do this more often two years ago, but ever since my last year in college and starting my career EXACTLY A MONTH after graduation, I’m already lucky if I get to practice this ritual at least thrice a week nowadays.

I just want to keep this post simple and light–a great contrast to my seemingly Girl, Interrupted post during Day 09.

For the record, I’m very thankful for growing up and being this kind of person. Three years ago, I was kind of scared when someone told me I was living a boring life. So there was time during college where drinking was a little frequent (but not Jersey Shore frequent) and doing crazy antics was part of my weekly agenda. I don’t have any regrets, all those moments of peer pressure and self-proving happened for a reason. But looking back, I want to say to that person that 1. I’m proud to be boring because 2. I’m not and 3. I don’t need to please you or anybody else.

Because truthfully, in this world where we are convinced to have so much and do everything, what really gives us true satisfaction are the little things.


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