Day 08: I Don’t Need Much and So Do You

Day 08: I Don't Need Much and So Do You

I promised myself that the photos in this Project will strictly be a.)taken by me and b.) taken on the exact designated date even if I make the post later. For example, today is January 09 but I’m writing my January 08 post and the photo for the January 08 entry was taken on the same date. But enough about rules.

Before I begin, I would like to take this time to greet one of my best friends, Janelle Tee who is celebrating her 21st birthday in Macau–away from her family and friends. But it seems you found  some good company there, I hope it will be less lonely now. I miss you, Nelle! You take care always and I pray for a long healthy life full of love, happiness and resilience. God bless you always! 🙂

So January 08, Sunday, was the morning after the storm–the aftermath. I say this because I woke up way later than my usual waking up time with sore calves and an aching body. At least I know that the hiking yesterday served its purpose.

It was one of those simple Sundays where we have a feast for lunch and spend the afternoon either sleeping or going somewhere to pray if not, go to church. However, this Sunday was extra special because my mom, my brothers and I went to a home for the sick and elderly. I won’t expound on the matter because I’m not comfortable talking about these things out in the open. But for blogging purposes, let’s just say that while I was expecting it to be a joyous and heart-warming afternoon, I left the place possessing so much more than that.

So after the visit, we had some frozen yogurt then headed back home. Hours later, the lights were already turned off and I was about to succumb to sweet, sweet sleep when I realized that I was not able to take any photo for the day. Thus in the naked dark, I grabbed my phone and took a photo of a random part of my wall and decided that I would reserve all the in-depth connection-making for the next day.

And I did.

During our visit, I met all these sick and impoverished men and women from ages 19 to 80. I saw them sitting on plastic chairs, wearing simple home clothes, talking to one another, strumming to the ukelele, listening to the soft rain or in deep prayer. Then two things crossed my mind: the first one is that there is so much more to this world than the mundane things I find myself having a craving for. I can say that I am relatively simple compared to most 21 year olds in my generation but I admit that there are times wherein I get so worldly that I pressure myself into doing and owning so many things, things that are mere dictations by society but zero in true human value. Yes, there was so much in the world that needed my attention, sometimes I’m too full of myself that I fail to take action or even realize that it’s not always about me.

The second one is about my wall. Last year, my uncle was doing this HUGE cleaning spree and found stacks  of magazines he brought home from work (he works in a hotel=lots of free stuff). My bedroom was also renovated last year and I allotted a big blank wall for the things that inspired me. After months of deliberation and routine magazine skimming, I ripped off ads that had unique statements and images. I even ripped a black and white photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt from a magazine I read in Yogurt place. Anyway, my point was that I semi-filled (not yet finished) my wall with things that I wanted, words that I hoped to live by and images that described who I am. The world map is the  best representation of my what I truly wanted in life and that is to travel and see every bit of it.

But that visit last Sunday afternoon made me reassess all of it. This of course happened after realizing the whole thing about how there’s so much of the world and that living your life to the fullest is, ironically, not completely about you. The thing is, I am now faced with the conclusion that while I still hope to one day experience a Trans-Siberian train ride from China to Russia, I must keep in my mind to always, always include those who are in need in my priority list. I do think it’s the only way to fill in the gap of our insides after we have shopped all the clothes possible or read all the books from the Beauty and the Beast library.

I know countless books have been written, films produced and conversations with Oprah aired in order to continuously remind the human race and the emerging generations about the things that truly matter. I don’t mean to sound hostile and pessimistic but the world is by and by rotting both in morals and natural resources. How can we resolve it then? How can we think straight if there’s too much publicity hypnotizing us into buying the latest from this and that? I’m not going to lie, I find myself time and again lost in superficiality but   I guess for once I can say that I’m lucky to live in a poor country because everyday I face reality in its most fresh and truest form. Sadly, it’s not everyday I act something out of that confrontation.

Thus I am thankful  for what I have–both tangibly and intangibly and utterly feel blessed to be now possessing knowledge of this sort. I’m not saying that after this post I shall follow the extraordinary footsteps of Mother Teresa. But I do know now that, truthfully, I don’t need much and so do you.


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