Day 07: Happy Bleep-th Birthday, Tita Femy!

Day 07: Happy Bleep-th Birthday, Tita Femy!

While I cannot really understand the word omen (I know what it means, I just can’t verbally define it–my hand gestures and facial expression can do a better job though), I can however say that by spending the first weekend like this is definitely a good omen for the rest of the year.

Anyway, the first Saturday of the year was a two in one event. First of all, it was Tita Femy’s birthday celebration and at the same time a reunion for the Ozoa side of the family. Most of the day was spent at Eden Nature Park–where we had a¬†scrumptious lunch and an insane hiking experience! To explain further, as you can see in the family photo above, my wet hair gave emphasis to my increasingly round face. Before this was taken, Kuya Jun-jun, Ate Tina, Ditto and I decided to follow the shuttle tour route on foot. Our first destination was the Amphitheater, which was relatively near the main hall. We then decided to visit Lola’s Garden because it had a better view of the city…little did we know, we were in for the hiking of our lives. It was waaaaay far alright, but the distance was not the problem! It was our lack of gear and inappropriate outfit. I would have nailed that hike had I worn stretch pants or decent rubber shoes. I was in black jeans and my worn-out Vans for christ’s sake. Now I have a bitch of wound just above by right ankle. You have no idea how totally unprepared we were for that hike. I was soaking wet and my legs were in so much pain, I swear I thought it would just break with exhaustion. But after what seemed to me an eternity of half-mental cursing, half-pretentious GV (fake it till you make it, it works), and I saw the main office I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away when he was rescued.

From Eden, we paid our respects to our dear deceased loved ones in Memorial Park then we took them to Jack’s Ridge to do some last sightseeing. Afterwards, it was decided that we have dinner at our home before our relatives go back to Tagum. So after sharing a simple meal together, they bid farewell–exchanging hugs and see you soons.

It was not just the reunion or the activities of the day that made me really, really happy. You see, most of the year 2011 the family went through both major and minor turbulence.  It was getting more and more depressing and awkward but by the beginning of the new year everything was back to normal. Everyone was talking again, laughing again and I missed it so much and my heart was just bursting when we were joking around just like the old times. It was definitely a huge wave of relief for me, because I thought things would be left broken and hanging forever. I realized then how important my family was to me, no matter how much we sometimes get into each others nerves or what, nothing compares to the happiness my family brings.

I’m starting to sound like a regular contributor for Chicken Soup of the soul!

I have to go now!


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