If I didn’t see the video, would I still listen to the song?

Good Evening Friends!

Welcome to another episode of Typical Weekend Evenings with Bea, today’s episode is entitled: “How I Planned to Worked My Ass Off Tonight but Decided to Spend It Browsing Hipster Music Videos Instead”.

Tonight I have been feasting on British MVs and the ones that starred young Hollywood actors like this one. I couldn’t help but post this  because of my recent conversion from Team James and to team Dave Franco (I can’t believe I made an actual “Team” reference). I think, that while I have always adored James for his artistry and his capacity to always look broken and stoned (my weakness for Y-Chromosomes, I think)–Dave has grown to be more “normal”, not to mention painfully MORE good looking.

But the objective of this post is not to bore you with crazy fan girl ramblings (but you if you insist, why not?). This is about my take on music videos that feature celebrities and if I didn’t see the video, would I still listen to the song? In the case of the above posted, it was the beat that got me, especially in the beginning and all the parts with the xylophone-ish tone. I guess I came to love it because the video was really compatible with song, the lyric-less parts with Emma and Dave in the car, the scene had no words but their acting and the sensation of the song said a lot. I had to refrain myself from watching the video whilst listening to the song to answer my dilemma, but sadly, I can’t help but admit that I have come to like the song because of the music video.

Another good example would be Rock Mafia’s MV for The Big Bang. It starred Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zeggers, now whenever I listen to the song I can’t help but be absorbed by the mood of the music video–which is is both mysterious and sexy and incredibly  mischievous, on my opinion. Why don’t you take a look to know exactly what I mean:

However, the case is not always true with the whole Hollywood star-induced MVs. Case in point is the Drew Barrymore directed MV for Best Coast’s “Our Deal”.

I somehow feel like the song doesn’t compliment the video but as most music videos these days or as angry hipsters would react upon reading this position “That’s the point”. Hhhmm come to think about it, I did watch it again before posting it here and well, its starting to grow on me. Or whatever. Now that I think about it, the music video does really add character to a particular song. This of course applies to songs in which I have seen the video with the song first rather than firsthand audio. I’m not saying that the songs above aren’t good enough without the video, I just came with the conclusion that the videos (especially the people in it) adds a little bit more feel to the song. So when I find the time to boot “Go Outside” by the Cults in my iPod, I will not only enjoy the xylophone-ish (am I even correct?) part but the Dave Franco factor that comes along with it.


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