Day 06: Strictly Business

Day 06: Strictly Business

Today was toxic and that’s all I can say about the first 17 hours of January 06, 2012, Friday. I may have started the day with an extra enthusiastic spirit; ready to facilitate my 9:30am on the face. The attendance was what I hoped for, the presentation of materials had a flawless flow and the discussion had a clear direction compared to the ones I enslaved myself with at the beginning of my career. The mood was going well even after the adjournment and I finished cleaning up the boardroom. I decided to take a quick break—eating my sandwich and reblogging the shit out of Tumblr—before I proceeded to make my minutes of the meeting by transcribing the recording. I was doing a pretty good job with the work, but then I felt this weight on both my upper arms and the increasing loss of focus. I was turning from being employee of the afternoon to the restless recent regular. Then all the corporate energy was all gone. I got up, attempted to pay what seemed to be my daily visit to Ms. Meng’s office to do some good old-fashioned sleeping, blogged, read, watched my favourite scenes from the film Easy A and by 5PM, just 30 minutes before dismissal I finished the almost forgotten work Doc gave me.

That’s when I was starting to come back to life. Earlier this week, my officemates and I talked about celebrating some sort of New Year’s bash at my place—dedicating one Friday night to food, alcohol, semi-drunken antics and well just plain old talking. So after we feasted on Ms. Fem’s unique spaghetti + cream recipe, we headed off to the gazebo to start, as what I fondly call it, our “meeting”. As usual, we talked about the same person and the same problem while we passed around shots of “TAGACHO” a very good concoction made of Chuckie (chocolate drink) and Tanduay Rhum. It was a suitable drink for the occasion; unwinding without the motive of getting dead drunk. It was also the first time I mentioned about my Project 365 and why I wanted to take a photo of them. It was taken at about 2 in the morning and unfortunately, Ms. Kathy who was with us earlier that evening was not included. However, we were joined by Ms. Mae’s friend who Sheila; who turns out to be Ms. Meng’s older sister with regards to physical appearance and the biological sister of my Uncle’s officemate and friend, Mark. Yes, the world really is getting smaller and smaller. We (Sheila and I) were both amazed with the connection.

Anyway, this day basically gave justice as to why I will always love the people in this photo. I will never forget who they have helped me through the rocky road of employment. They were my backbone, the people who helped me, made me understand and provided me with unconditional support to make it through it all for the past nine months. They were not just officemates in the corporate sense of the word, they are, first and foremost my friends and the people I will always owe life’s lessons to. I forgot to mention that two of them have already filed their resignation while two are up next and the rest (I think except me) have deeply considered leaving and actually act on that consideration. So I guess this meeting—which lasted until 2:30AM—was somehow a way for us to spend more time together away from the paperwork and the endless demands.


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