Day 05: Re-Orientation without the Re.

05Jan2012: Re-Orientation without the Re.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the fifth photo for my Project 365 will have something to do with our activity in the office today. As much as I wanted to ditch the idea because I thought it wouldn’t be that appealing–I finally decided right after dinner to think it through all over again. It turns out that there’s so much to what has happened today apart from sitting for hours inside the boardroom, listening to my boss.

Today, we had a team re-orientation. It was a full day activity dedicated to refresh the members of professional management team with regards to their duties and functions as employees of the Chamber. We also had a lecture on de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, a method ED Anne introduced to us to innovate the way we think and assess situations with hopes of improving our performances in planning and implementation.

It was a pretty interesting activity. I did learn a lot and by the end of the session I felt thankful because I was able to understand more about my organization and my role in it. You see, when I got the job, it immediately felt like I was pushed off the edge of a cliff. I was instantaneously faced with these activities, issues, events and people equipped with minimal to no gear at all. Well, I did went through all the necessary orientations and briefing…but, well let’s just say that today was not a re-orientation for me, but a full-blown orientation. Hence, the title.

I guess the best thing about it was that it was scheduled right smack in the first week of the new year–where the enthusiasm is at its highest and information levels are still on the down low.

Anyway, this photo was the presentation done by the four members of the advocacy team and the knowledge management officer (that would be me, Ms. Meng, Ms. Mae, Ms. Jazi and Paulo). In there, we describe how we could improve our membership recruitment as a Chamber. During our discussion, we were able to cultivate a lot of feasible ideas that could really fast-track the recruitment. It was nice having to discuss our resolutions in such a mature way; with all opinions and the concepts we came up with…

…which is exactly why I didn’t want to use this photo. I felt it was too mature and well, NOT fun and memorable AT ALL. But then I realized that if I am going to fully dedicate myself in this year-round project, I must not hold anything back, especially when it comes to my Red Hat (according to de Bono, the Red Hat meant the use of feelings, hunch and intuition when looking at things).

So I guess this project will not contain daily pieces similar to my Benadryl story (speaking of which, I took one just before we began with the activity, I had to close my eyes for the next hour but thankfully, I was able to hold all the sleepy-ness in). Come to think about it, I would be defeating the purpose of this project if I defy my judgment on what to post instead of completely allowing my Red Hat do all the thinking. That way, when I review all of these 360 days from now, I would see that I did NOT live a monotonous life and that I was really growing up.

Christ, I sound so serious with this one.

Good Night!


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