Before it nonchalantly falls under the “clutter pile” of my brain.

I didn’t want to list down resolutions, I did that in 2010 and as far as I know, I’m still far from my goal 120 lbs. HA HA HA. I read a couple of Freshly Pressed articles that defied resolutions and suggested realistic alternatives instead (my favorite would have to be the one that said NY resolutions is the to-do list for the first week of January). 

So I decided to list down some simple goals that I want to accomplish for the year 2012. And I’m going to be quite specific this time so I wouldn’t beat up myself with frustration at the end of year AND I feel like I’m committing to follow the path instead of yearning for the destination. For example, 2011: end the year weighing 120 lbs, 2012: exercise 4-5 times a week. See?

Anyway, I blew out some steam last night re my ridiculous workload partly due to acting and thinking like I was still a college student over the holidays. Somehow I’ve recovered but my goals for 2012 randomly popped up in my mind that I finally decided to write this down before I forget about it.

Okay, here it goes:

1. Write down everything write-worthy that pops into my mind. It may be an idea, a story, a circumstance, a phrase, graffiti, my customer’s name and amount bought (I sell loads, btw) or something I heard from that woman.

2. Wear a watch everyday. I should really stop relying on my mobile phone for this one. Plus, I learned for the past eight months of employment that wearing a watch not only makes you believable but also IS PRUDENT.

3. Read 12 books for entire year. That’s one book per month and I will blog about what I’m reading. Kind of like my literary 365 project. I got this idea from the awesome bloggers in WordPress and I envied how much their books have taught them something over the course of the year.

4. Watch 101 films this year and still blog about it. When we were having our NYE celebration at home, I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to change for 2012 except for this idea:

“I will dedicate this year to art”.

That’s all I can think of now. This is because I’m so in the mood as of the moment, so I’m afraid that if I don’t control my feelings I would write 5. Go backpacking across Europe, I might just lose it come December 31, 2012. Okay, for the record, that’s not really something I would do but well, 2011 brought me back to reality and I want this year to really live that reality. I’ll write about that some other time.

Will update this one though if I can still think of something else. Now, back to work!


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