Day 04: 120 Minutes of Forever

04Jan2012: 120 Minutes of Forever

As much as the title implies a scenario where I will one day take a look back at my blog posts and realize how much this particular one, written in a cold January evening took me back to the first moment I have lost complete control of my senses and was undeniably head over heels in love… well, it isn’t.

In fact, it only taught me not to take Benadryl in the following circumstances:

1. At oncerts;
2. At the cinema;
3. At Mykonos, where I am 100% sure I will spend my honeymoon, if not with Joseph Gordon Levitt then ALL BY MYSELF. #idontcarewhatyouthink.

You see, about a month ago I started to have this incredibly annoying allergies with the symptom from hell: itching of the hand and foot. At first I believed it was due to my daily use of laundry soap for hand washing my undies, so the next day I used latex gloves. But how about my foot? I assumed it was because of the anti-bacterial spray I use before I wore my office shoes. BUT, ALAS, THE ITCH HAS NOT CEASED TO EXIST! So I figured, ugh, am I going back to my allergy phase two years ago that badly harmed not only my skin but my self-worth?

Of course, I made some research online and I was at first relieved because it was a very, very common condition. But then I started to get really annoyed and hopeless when this one person asked for some help–in a medical website–on how to stop the itching, there were about a hundred response and I carefully read through ALL OF THEM THINKING THAT I WOULD FIND THE SOLUTION when all 100 POSTS CAME UP WITH THE SAME THOUGHT:


And that was that. All one hundred something comments.

I don’t mean to be MEAN but unless you have experienced THE AGONY of itchy hands and feet, I swear to God, I could not help but agree to one of those who said that “I was on the verge of cutting off my hands and feet”. Yep, it already felt like that. I kid you not.

I found out in between scratching and swearing that Dermatitis/Eczema (as it is supposedly called) is so broad an epidemic that some maybe connected to diabetes or worst, brought about by an unknown cause. By this time I was already losing patience, so when I read about this one woman who lived off taking Benadryl and applying Whatsthename Cream, I wasted no time to run to the drugstore.

And with that begins the story of my photo of the day!

The only good thing about this allergy was that I was not alone. My mom has also been suffering the same plight as all those who are burdened with ultra sensitive skin. We started taking Benadryl over the holidays where sleeping time was irregular and we were all stuck in a food and alcohol rut. Last January 1, she asked me if I felt drowsy after taking one capsule (actually she already warned me that it had that kind of effect) and I told her no, I wasn’t (now I remember I dozed off an hour later on our drive back home from the reunion).

When I got back to work last Tuesday, the allergies went full throttle by lunch time, so I took a pill. I was silently working when, by 2:30PM I felt the pull of the universe in my body. My eyelids were as heavy as 10kg dumbells and I could not think straight. I figured it was my body asking for the sleep I have deprived them of over the holiday, thus I went to everybody’s favorite nook–at Ms. Meng’s office. Where you are free to sleep and bask in all the aircon and silence you want–far from the reprimanding nature of the boss. My escape was extra special because Ms. Herma’s Australian dolphin was there to add luxury! Oh good day!

I didn’t see the connection up until today.

I guess the allergens were too excited today since they were already up and about, working up a storm killing me with itch. So I took one trusty Benadryl at around 10:30AM and guess which part of the office was I by 11:32AM? Yes, you guessed it!

I finally got the connection (yes, I am that slow) when I woke up an hour after and walked into the office kitchen and everyone was like “Where have you been?” and Miss Meng got all apologetic for not waking me up. So I told them about the allergies and I got really sleepy at midday and then I mentioned the Benadryl part, Ma’am Herma was all, “Ay! Makatulog jd ka ana”. Then she told me about her friend who was a flight attendant and that whenever there were lone kids on board, he would make them take Benadryl to make them sleep. I laughed at first but wasn’t that illegal?

The reason I took this photo was because I was amazed and deeply thankful for  the amount of sleep I got in between paperwork, and the invigorating energy I felt afterwards. You see, I am having difficulty in “speed sleeping”, especially in public. I only slept once in class (and really deep sleep) during my first year College Psychology when I literally had no sleep the night before. I mean, compared to the powers of my beautiful friend and Sleep Extraordinaire, Ina Durante, I was at the bottom of the sleeping food chain.

So today was my second day of  sleeping in Ms. Meng’s office. An accumulated 120 minutes of pure, unabridged Utopian dozing off. And I’m writing this because tomorrow we will be having a team re-orientation. It’s going to be a day of activities and brainstorming. Thus I am afraid that if I take a pill tomorrow, I might be procuring the services of Nescafe and not of my sweet, soft Australian dolphin. It really is a big deal to me; to steal a moments of shut eye in broad day light in spite of the continuous influx of phone calls and emails. Ever since I started working, I have given a million times more value in sleeping. I even got to the point where I considered it as the best thing in the world!

With this, I thank the good Lord and the scientists who worked together in giving me at least, a mere glimpse, a brief but life changing 120 Minutes of Forever.

Good Night.


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