Day 02: Cure for the Itch

02Jan2012: Cure for the Itch

The title is taken from one of the hits from the Linkin Park album Hybrid Theory (2000) and it is literally what I want to say for today. For about three weeks now, I have been suffering some sort of skin allergy which I think (based on the articles I read online) is called Dermatitus. It’s basically just some sort of allergy gained from holding or eating something and the possibly known cure (according to those who also suffered from it) is one to two healthy doses of Benadryl pill. I, on the other hand, go the extra mile and apply some cream to calm the redness and insane itchiness.

The symptoms are best manifested on my hands, feet and some certain part of my body everyday. Yesterday it was my shoulder blades, today, my left knee. I even came to the point of crying out to my mom for help and look for some doctor do to the necessary checks. I don’t care about the numerous needles that needs to be pierced through my skin in order to identify the specific cause of this malady. I just want to really, really get it over with.

The itch is usually worst at night and in between my fingers and the palm of my hand. As you can see in the photo, my head is abnormally reddish and swollen from all the hate-filled and rebellious scratching I have been doing for the past hour. I do not want to be dependent of the Benadryl, but I was already entertaining the point of setting my hand on fire so I gave in.

Now, I feel the pill kicking in and must succumb to sleep.

PS. I attached a link to the aforementioned song and I’m really feeling the lyric-less apocalyptic nature of the song. Womp hoolah.


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