Day 01: Family


As far as I can remember, I was not much of a fan of any type of family reunion. It was not anybody’s fault, I just felt like I was being forced to spend an entire day with people I haven’t seen the entire year and the worst part is, I was not good in acquainting with any of my cousins. Looking back, there was definitely hostility in my part that may be translated into some form of shyness cum slight snobbishness and regrettably, being distant.

But this year’s Capulong Reunion was the best yet, for me, that is. Before the year ended, I decided to make the next one better. but I wasn’t so sure where to begin. So during our family mass, I shifted my mind towards being enthusiastic and fun-loving and just ignored all those thoughts that kept me from communicating with these loving people.

Aaaand that’s what I did! I started by hugging my cousins, uncle and aunts when we arrived. I also participated during the games by helping out Tita Bambie the emcee with my cousin Teejay in preparing and facilitating the game materials. We laughed, we had fun and I was pretty bummed that we had to go home early because our house helper had to go home for the night.

In conclusion, being in that reunion was the perfect way to start the year 2012. I learned that my biggest obstacle in truly living a happy life and fulfilling what I wanted, was my self. Yes, it was all in my mind and I was just too, I guess, tired or self-absorbed to even try. Sure, I may not hear from these people most of the year but that is exactly why we have reunions in the first place! Needless to say, I still have to wait another 365 days to have everybody gather once again. But it brought me to the realization that every action begins with a choice and you don’t have to prepare some sort of list because by solely choosing love, you are headed towards a million of miles of greatness and happiness.

2011 was a tough year but a great one. I was, for most of the time, in conflict with myself and I currently still far from settling matters but on January 01, 2012. I looked past my flaws and failures and just decided to shift my focus from myself and towards one of my strongest external links… my family.

Happy New Year!


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