The completely indescribable taste of my breakfast beverage of choice and why I will fail at this post for no words can suffice its goodness.

It is Sunday, the only day of the this week that I didn’t abuse my body by sleeping too late the other night to catch up on some Pride and Prejudice for the nth time and/or replay the first six episodes the New Girl. So I woke up feeling extra in the mood, I guess. It was made even better by having a steaming cup of skim-soy milk! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what gets me going every morning. Bummer I don’t have a photo to show ya’ll now, but maybe tomorrow I’ll try uploading one.

Anyway, what is it with this…


Okay, I luff it because it is a mixture of everything I look for in a drink. First, it is has this impeccable balance between sweet and soy and the texture, as it meets the tongue, exudes this smooth and rough sensation which I guess what got me hooked!!11 And that’s not the best part, because I usually put more of the powdered milk than the hot water and I don’t mix the solution with the intensity needed to reach a Utopian state of liquidity, I always end up having muddy clumps of skim and soy. Those clumps, so lovely gewy chewy clumps that stick into your teeth and uuggghhhh so so good! I would sometimes have a headcase trying to scrape out the clumps that stick in the interior walls of my mug. It’s so goooooood! And healthy, decadent and filling too!

I suggest you try it but my powdered skim and soy milk are all locally brand! Yep, Philippines reprezent yo!

I know I might be scaring you instead of enticing you but believe me, the sanity of dedicating a blog post to a beverage is but a personal thing and is not a side effect of any sorts.


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