Monday is now Pilates to Death Day! :D

And I’m not complaining. Really. When I made the decision to finally work hard for something and give meaning to my life, I knew I would have to sacrifice a lot, undergo unimaginable and barely tolerable pain and face a series of frustrations–including my embarrassing incapacity to maintain balance while lying on the foam roller while keeping my legs stretched, straight and RAISED. I know health buff people usually say that they exercise in order to de-stress, but there was nothing relaxing with my legs and tummy wobbling and crunching as tried to stay still on a particular pose. Okay, I should give myself a break, it was my second week and second session, you would have to IMAGINE the kind of catching up I needed to do.

You see I was supposed to write something really sensible now before I call it a day but I can already feel my engine slowly run out of power. So I guess I’ll have to continue this one tomorrow.

Good Night.


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