Music Therapy 101

This moment of slight Nihilism I have been going through lately has gotten quite out of hand this time. Usually, the lack of enthusiasm and interest rises from a recent triumph of a good book or an overpowering movie. It was right after reading Camus’ The Outsider (L’estranger) that I had found myself submerged once again in a pool of distaste and literary restlessness. I turned to Pride and Prejudice to ease my nerves but I still I am left doubting and constantly thinking, what do I really want to read this time? This afternoon, I resorted to replaying the first seven episodes of New Girl and watching Annie Hall once again. Still, I was damn irritated but I was not sleepy at the same time so it was definitely something else.

Then I remembered that upon the recommendation of my good friend John, I illegally downloaded The Cab’s newest album, Symphony Soldier. So I folded my clothes, cleaned my room, took a decent half-bath, put my room into Hipster mode (dark with only the Christmas lights turned on), got some hot tea and played away.

And it was what I have been looking for all along! I have finished the first three songs but I’m already really hooked and that’s quite unusual of me because usually I get to so picky, so I’m excited to finish the entire thing tonight! I loved the beat, the lyrics, the POINT of the songs. It’s light to listen to, plus it’s all very well-written. Yey! Things are starting to make slowly make sense…


It’s like in the movies when the protagonist screws up and is at the point of thinking over what he or she has to do in order to make things right again. Yeah, I’m at that part now. I can even imagine myself slowly and literally turn my poker face into a smile and then I run to buy flowers and run to the airport before my leading man gets in the plane. But I can’t get in, so I start to give the speech that if I don’t get in there and tell him what I feel, I might never get the chance to say it again. But you know, it usually works the other way around (hint: yellow tulips!). Am I even making sense, I don’t know but the fact that I was able to write this much means, I’m getting back on track.

Thank you, The Cab!


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