On Weddings

This December’s theme is all about weddings. Two people I know are going to get married on the last month of 2011 and my closeness to this two people lead me to visualize or rather reflect upon my, ummm, ideal proceedings of matrimony (I don’t even think that makes sense but I hard time looking for a line that will replace but not saturate the meaning of the term dream wedding).

And truthfully, I have refused to speak about the matter. I have nothing against getting married, I just don’t participate in the discussion of weddings because I’m not YET interested. But with the way things are happening now and with people very dear taking part in said inevitable activity, I am left curious and a little bit auspicious, if I may say so.

I’m not gonna start by saying the color of my table cloth or the shades of yellow I want my flowers. But today, I realized wanted to “marry” outside the church–not the shore, or in the mountains, but somewhere historically significant like, oh god, I can’t think of anything right now… like Intramuros here in the Philippines or anywhere that bears a deep and profound meaning to match the occasion. Nyahaha I think already said too much?

Anyway I have to go now, it’s father’s turn to work. Good night.


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