It’s either you’re a writer or not…

…You can’t teach someone to become a writer. What we do in our school is enhance the talent that you already have. 

Okay, not even his literally sparkling blue eyes AND weakening accent could distract me from the intensity of those words. He said it with so much truth that I swore I could have given him a standing ovation afterwards or you know, just cry and yell AMEN BROTHA in between sobs. But nonetheless it was a reawakening, an assurance, but it all felt like brand new information to me.  Is it stupid to say that I never though about it that way before? Because  I did.

And then that’s when he went on telling me that I need to maintain a blog or start getting my pieces published. In short, get my portfolio done–something I already planned about six months ago when I was too busy planning my life instead of actually living it. Teeheehee.

Anyway, despite Kevin’s many advice, my favorite part of all it was when he told us what his school was looking for in a writer.

“Men are not good with emotions, right? My ex-girlfriend even told me that I was emotionally retarded. So you have got to make me feel those emotions through your use and choice of words”.

I think he was lying with his incapacity to reciprocate in a relationship in the non-physical sense, but other than that, everything his said were the only things that made sense to me as of the moment.

So I guess what I really need to focus on right now is enhancing my vocabulary and writing a lot… which is good but I think is still not enough.

Anyway, I was not able to fully thank Mr. Kevin Dunn from the Coventry University in England for what he said. I may have been one of the many wandering hipster souls with career struggles that he has enlightened with words. But…

Why does it sound so easy? Why does it feel like I can do everything (125 lbs., a book before I turn 25)? Isn’t it that you’re supposed to feel so invigorate and motivated by harboring these kinds of thoughts? Because I’m not, odd enough, feeling so unstoppable only scares me more. My fear arising from the risk that, well, I might not really be able to accomplish all of it.

Okay, I will not rant in this time of day because I have to make breakfast for my family and travel an hour north of my city to do a presentation. But rest assured, I’m just happy to have heard those words from a smart (and needless to say spontaneously witty) Englishman.

Have a nice day!:)


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