Two things on a 1AM post.

There are two things that really make me happy right now. It’s actually three but it’s related to the first one so I don’t feel expanding my classification nor bore anyone with trying to rationalize this.

Anyway, I know it’s a Saturday but I spent the entire day at the office–juggling McDo deliveries, movie trailers and planning for an upcoming conference next month. Okay, that’s not the exciting part, but it started off with a casual but unbelievably cozy dinner with my good college friends at Hotel Tropika. There we feasted on traditional Thai Cuisines–Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and anything that was delightfully plagued with chilli, celery leaves, lemmon grass, tofu and some more spices. It was a good thing that we ate in a dim location, if not, I would been quite a silly sight–red to the extreme, sweating abnormally and my chubby cheeks looking like it was to explode.

We then darted (I say this because I was telling everybody that we could not afford to miss all the trailers, which, apart from the movie itself, were also of immense value) to Abreeza to watch Monte Carlo (2011). And without a doubt, it was the quintessential chick flick, with all the heart-swelling scenes and lines, the cute plot and dashing leading men. But apart from it being a nice film, I must say it was Monte Carlo THE PLACE that stole my heart. Oh the blue waters, laid back lifestyle, majestically aged and well-preserved infrastructure, not to mention the palm trees and the buzz of the people! I was then taken back to what I have been dreaming of when I was still at school. Now with my work and everything else going to a different direction, it seemed so long ago since I deeply yearned to wander the streets of Paris, work as an educator or a bookstore owner, live in a shabby one-bedroom and breathed the French language. And now, Monte Carlo has seized me, just like any other place that I see in films.

And for a moment there, I told myself that I should be there, it was my dream. I don’t mean that I am not contented with what I have; I have decent job and simple good life, I have no reason to complain. In fact, I like what I’m doing but it did not seize my heart the way France seemed to own it.  Oh but I am positive and I know that things will fall into place. My habit of plunging into daydream after daydream after immersing myself with a 120 minute film particularly about the world is an innate character of mine. I’m please though, that I am not as insane as before. At least now, I recognize that I still have a career to pursue and things to accomplish here. If France can wait, so will Monte Carlo.

This is why I can’t stop listening to Selena Gomez’s Who Says, it’s the song played during the credits roll. Over all, it’s definitely a feel good song, especially now that it reminds me of Monte Carlo whenever I listen to it. And yes, that is my third random midnight happy pill.

The second one would be Ellie Goulding–specifically her version of Elton John’s Your Song and her original (correct me if I’m wrong) The Writer. Mygod, that young lady’s voice transcends all the necessary synonyms of amazing. It’s so good I can’t say anything about it, I can only feel it and that’s what keeps replaying her pieces. Thank God for such talent and thank you Ellie Goulding; if my I meet a young and unmarried version of the current object of my fancy and marry him, I would have your version played during our first dance. And I hope you get to sing it there… live.

With all this Monte Carlo-related daydreaming, I could not help but once again question my life plans. Do not be alarmed, I have no intentions of leaving my job. But for tonight, I find myself standing in between fiction and reality. I have often envisioned myself the way I have read and seen the world–while it is good that I am blessed with such aspirations, I am also alarmed at being lost in between the two. Oh I want to here and there and become like this and that… but I am dragged back to the reality that is my family and what they expect of me. Oh, I don’t know! I don’t have intentions to ponder over it as well, I am still practicing the method of living the present and thus I will the leave the chips to fall to where they wish.

It’s more than two things, however, it’s still 10 minutes to 2am. Spare me.


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